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Affordable Metal Wire Shelving Racks Storage Unit Systems

Metal Wire Shelving Racks Storage Unit Systems

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High Quality Wire Chrome Shelving Racks Unit Systems - Price Starting at $82.74:

Affordable and high quality multipurpose steel wire shelving and racks unit system storage solutions, for general home and office usage, including kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms, closets, back and front offices, basements, garages, and so on.

* Capacity Of 600 Pounds To 800 Pounds Per Shelf

* Easy To Assemble Wire Shelves- No Tools Required

* Top Quality Metal Wire Chrome Shelves Racks Units

* High Quality Chrome Finish Or Can Be Painted For A Custom Look

* Great Storage Solution For Food Service And Restaurant Applications

* Go Mobile By Adding Casters (Wheels) To Your Wire Metal Shelves Units.

A Brilliant Finish For High Tech Look: Our high quality and affordable Nexel metal wire shelving racks storage solutions are electro-plated nickel-chrome, thus resulting in a really brilliant high glass finish. If you are looking for a quality finish that is both hard and durable, this is it. You are getting a high tech look at an economical price. Nexel metal chrome wire shelving systems are the industry standard, and they have proven to be a favorite and perfect for display and dry storage, multiple purpose application shelving...

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Metal Wire Shelving Racks Storage Unit Systems