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<font color = #00F500>College Dorm Shelves Solutions</font color = #00F500>I am guilty, I must admit.

I rented a U Haul to drive 7 hours to bring all my daughters stuff up to college her freshman year, got to her dorm and panicked. Just like EVERY OTHER PARENT THERE. But I was the only guilty one, I sell shelving for a living. But was I prepared for the tiny amount of space the room provided for her stuff? Not even close.

My wife then whispered in my ear, find a huge retail store (you can supply any name you desire) and buy ANYTHING that will hold her stuff before the other parents realize to go. I try to interrupt and tell her I can UPS her shelving next week and problem solved.

Guess where I was going?

There I was, faced with terrible choices that no matter what I brought back, it was the wrong choice. The other fathers next to me in the "ORGANIZATION" aisle looked like they were getting ready to walk the Green Mile back to the dorms, just like me.

I start taking pictures with my cell phone to get input as to what to buy but no answer. I buy everything. I figure something I choose will work and the rest I can sell to the other desperate parents or return.

Guess what? Nothing was good enough, of course.


We have so many different solutions I am embarrassed to tell you. All of them do not take up too much room in your SUV or we can UPS them. We can even paint the shelving in most school colors to get the spirit going (I still do not have pink though.) My daughter picked yellow.

Telephone: 866 212-3751

Or email me @ sales@justshelfit.com

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