Best Steel Shelving Racks For Storage - Discount On All Metal Shelves

Affordable and High Quality Steel Racks and Shelves For Storage Units: is pleased to announce the addition of black and green chrome wire shelving to our product line. Nexel has added these additional colors to their product line with no additional cost - please call us for for this option as we update the site.

866 212-3751 is New York's premier manufacturer of closed steel shelving and open and adjustable metal racks and shelves for storage.
We also sell a wide array of shelving solutions, including chrome wire shelves, wire carts on wheels, heavy duty shelving units for industrial shelve units, commercial racks shelves and warehouse shelving. We also have great prices on locker room lockers for storage, rolling garment racks, grid wall panels, metal shelving racks, wire wine shelving and accessories plus much more.

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We have a large selection of high quality and affordable multipurpose metal shelving and racks to maximize your vertical spaces. Our systems are used in a myriad of contrasting industries, situations and locations, including train stations, hospitals, restaurants, libraries, banks, industrial parks, police stations, schools, homes and so on. The high quality shelving units we sell can be used in practically in situation.

Metal Shelving and Racks Size and Durability: The shelving systems we carry vary in size and style, they are made with durable materials, are built to last and can be used in practically any situation.

Best Steel Shelving Racks For Storage - Discount On All Metal Shelves - Affordable and High Quality Steel Racks and Shelves For Storage Units

Steel Shelving Racks For Storage: is New York City premier manufacture of high quality steel shelving racks units. Our metal shelves are used in multiple applications and are sold at affordable prices.

Multi-purpose metal shelving racks storage solutions for garage, basement, dorm, office, self-storage facilities shelving and the list goes on and on.

Custom Color Steel Shelving Units: We also offer custom color shelving; including red, black, white and tan color shelving solutions and many more colors.

Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Racks For Storage: We sell high quality and affordable multipurpose heavy duty steel shelving racks for storage. Our heavy duty units are ideal for businesses and enterprises that deal with heavy goods.

If your snow blower or lawnmower is taking up too much floor space in your garage, here is the solution for you. Build a unit and start the first level just above your big stuff in the garage or basement. Or make one level for gardening, the next for hand tools, another for your wholesale club 5 gallon container of pickles, and another get the idea. Please email other uses for the brine to me.

Best Steel Shelving Racks For Storage - Discount On All Metal Shelves Units - Affordable and High Quality Steel Racks and Shelves For Storage Units

Chrome Wire Shelving Racks For Storage: High quality wire chrome shelving rack units for a variety of storage applications. Our Nexel wire chrome shelving racks for storage solutions are electro-plated nickel-chrome, thus resulting in a really brilliant high glass finish. If you are looking for a quality finish that is both hard and durable, this is it.

You are getting a high tech look at an economical price. Nexel wire chrome shelves units are the industry standard, and they have proven to be a favorite and perfect for display and dry storage, multiple purpose application shelving...

Wire Wine Shelving Racks For Storage: Safely & Securely Store Your Wine Bottles With These Great Design Wine Cradle Shelving Systems...

Each bottle is securely cradled in Nexel's heavy gauge wire construction to prevent movement. Shelves come in two sizes to accommodate either 9 or 14 bottles per shelf. For added safety, add a 4" back ledge to each level of shelving.

Our Nexel Wine Cradle Shelving is also available in a high security version. To prevent theft and with Social Hosting Laws, the ability to safely padlock your wine and alcohol gives you peace of mind.

Wire Carts On Wheels Racks For Storage: View our large selection of utility wire carts with wheels. Our wire carts are made to be utilized for different purposes. They are easy to handle for transport or storage supplies. High visibility and 4 way access... sells high quality multipurpose wire rolling utility carts that can store and transport packages, inventory, linens, and or food. These affordable and easy to handle wire rolling carts can be maneuvered through corridors and doorways without difficulty.

Metal Lockers Room Lockers For Storage: Affordable and high quality metal lockers for storage, our lockers solve many of the security and privacy issues that are face everywhere.

Best Steel Shelving Racks For Storage - Discount On All Metal Shelves Units - Affordable and High Quality Steel Racks and Shelves For Storage Units

Custom Metal Shelves and Racks For Storage Solutions At Dealer Prices: Whether you are looking for shelving for your home, your office, your warehouse, your food service, your restaurant, or your business, we provide an affordable storage solution for you. Our highest quality shelving are quickly shipped and easy to assemble.

Color Steel Racks Shelving Unit Systems: We also offer custom color shelving. Call us at 866-212-3751 for more information.

Custom Metal Shelves Solutions: We design and manufacture narrow steel shelving, wide steel shelving, deep shelving and tall shelving. Give us a call at to discuss your specific storage needs.

For Your Information: Our open steel shelving unit systems are perfect for garage shelving, basement shelving, records storage shelving, food services, restaurants, libraries, warehouse shelving and industrial shelving. Our colored steel shelving and chrome wire shelving is perfect for home office shelving, medical shelving, retail shelving, commercial shelving, food storage shelving, law storage shelving and office shelving. Yes, our metal racks shelving for storage solutions units can be used in virtually any application.

Shelving Unit 12" x 24" x 7'3" with 5 shelves
Regular price: $100.00
Sale price: $90.00
Chrome Wire Shelving Rack Unit 63" High 18" X 24" With 4 Shelves - 18246C
Regular price: $99.00
Sale price: $89.10

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